Apps for kids 5 & Under

Apps for kids 5 & Under

Since I have been reviewing and enjoying interactive apps on iPad and iPhone and searching through the app store, I have realized the need for lists that separate age related children’s apps for parents. For the next couple of weeks I will be researching and compiling some lists of age appropriate lists broken down by several age groups.The ages will be:

5 Years Old & Under

Kids – ages 6-8

Kids- ages 9-11

There will also be a breakdown of whether it is an interactive game or a kids storybook app.  Hopefully this will help you as a parent or a teacher to sort through all the different children apps that are available.  The lists will also be broken down according to the platform they are available, Apple for iPhone or iPad or Android.

iPhone and iPad – Age Related Children’s Apps – 5 Years Old & Under

Imagination Box: A great creative app for young children.  No reading skills needed

Reading Raven: Learn to read skills for ages 4 or 5.  Although the larger focus of this app is for reading for older children, there are some good activities for preliminary early reading skills for this age level.

My First App:  No reading skills needed.  Choice of 3 activities for children as young as 2 years old.

Puppet Workshop:  Great creative app for young children with drag an drop activity to create puppets.

Color Band:  Learn the colors and create your own melodies.


Android -Age Related Children’s Apps – 5 Years Old & Under

I have not personally reviewed these apps since I do not yet have an android device but you can find recommended apps here.

There are many apps being released very day so I will continue to update my list in addition to review them individually.  Please subscribe to my blog for more information and remember that many apps are free for a limited time on Fridays.  You can check my Facebook page to Twitter feed for more information.


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