Dinorama – kids app approaches entertainment with a unique approach to learning. The unusual thing about this app is that it is an early introduction to finance and responsibility for children. It is a game, but does not appear to be one. As the game begins you take care of the responsibilities of setting up your own dinosaur park. Next you have the opportunity to raise money by different activities including setting up a photo booth. You are also encouraged to watch to be sure that you have a regular stream of visitors to keep money flowing. There are also ways which you can lose money. If you forget to feed your dinosaur or if there is a big storm and if you have not saved enough money previously there are consequences causing the game to start over. Saving your money to take care of things when you don’t have the steady stream of visitors to generate income is encouraged.

Although an age level is not stated for Dinorama – Kids App, I think it best for kids over 7 years old. I think the most appropriate age range would be 7-10 years of age. For children under the age of 7 might find the app frustrating without being able to read on their own or to have someone to read to them the comments about their activity as they play.

FEATURES – Dinorama App Kids Review

• Feed herbivores and carnivores with your finger!
• Five whimsical dinosaurs in eight distinct colors, with more on the way!
• Learn about dinosaurs by hiring a tour guide
• Pop popcorn, inflate balloons, and photograph visitors
• Clean and repair your park
• Help visitors find their favorite dinosaur
• Locate Lost & Found items

 Dinorama App Kids Available on iPhone and iPad

Developer:  thesixtyone.inc

My rating for Dinorama App Kids Review: ***- 3 1/2 stars, Cute game but wish the graphics were larger and a list of rules and options were given for parents.


• New & Noteworthy, Apple
• Editor’s Choice, USA Today
• Editor’s Pick, Common Sense Media
• 5/5 Awesome, MacLife Magazine

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