My fascination with educational apps for children is reinforced with my discovery of the educational kids app, Reading Raven, volume 2.  The app is a wonderful combination of visuals and interactivity that promotes learning to read and write.  Focusing on ages 3-7, the age group can be chosen in the settings. The app includes activities in the categories, Reading, Phonics, Letters, Spelling, Writing, Vocabulary, Early Learning, and Special Needs.


The activities included for each age group are:

Ages 3 and Up
– Letter matching
– Letter tracing
– Letter recognition
– Word matching

Ages 4 and Up
– Vocabulary
– Word beginnings
– Word building (spelling)
– Word spotting

Ages 5 and Up
– Reading aloud using voice recording
– Word tracing
– Word groups (rhyming and beginning sounds)

As a former teacher, I realize the opportunity this offers a child to proceed with their learning at their own pace. Coupled with a child’s natural curiosity of the interactivity qualities of the IPad, the power of this learning tool becomes apparent. Educational Kids App Review – Reading Raven – Volume 2 makes learning a fun experience that encourages progress by awarding stickers to decorate areas on the app.

✔ Self-paced lessons advance from reading single words to reading small stories.
✔ Ten types of child-tested games/activities that teach essential sub-skills.
✔ Fully customizable by age or reading level.
✔ Speed and tolerance dynamically adapt to child’s motor-control ability.
✔ Sticker rewards that reinforce effort and engagement.
✔ Feedback that encourages; no pressure tactics.
✔ Extremely effective voice instructions and feedback.
✔ Guided freehand letter and word writing.
✔ Capability to pause and save progress at any time.
✔ Beautiful hand-illustrated artwork.
✔ No third party advertising or external links to social network sites.

My rating: ***** 5 stars

Price: $2.99

Educational Kids App Review – Reading Raven – Volume 2

Available in the Apple App store


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