When I taught first grade, I had a student that was amazing in math. This was before the invention of free interactive kids math apps. His father told me that every summer he bought the math software for the grade level that his children would be attending for that year and then had them practice it during the summer.  He said this was fun for his children because it gave them something to do and also helped them achieve higher levels on their math during the school year.  Math software for children cost anywhere from $25.00 to over $100.  Now with the tablets, and the IPad apps offer educational apps that children can learn from and also be entertained by that are free or just a couple of dollars.

Many educational apps are free intitally when they first are introduced.  Developers do this to encourage interest in their app and to help build their list of reviews. It is a good practice for parents to check my blog regularly to learn about new and noteworthy educational apps.

For this blog review, I am focusing on interactive educational math apps.  The first app I looked at was Math vs Zombies and it crashed immediately so I would not advise downloading it. MathLands is a free interactive math app for kids that approaches math using logic instead of memorization. As a former teacher I know this is a great concept.  By using logic, children are forced to use critical thinking skills which are the most valued concept in learning. This app is in the age level range of 7 years and up but is really a challenge for adults to also to test their logic.  When a child learns to count, then multiplication tables etc, it is important that they know the concept behind the numbers.



★★★This app is entirely free. It offers access to 6 different math, logic, and puzzle games
Teaches kids ages 7-77 the following skills:
•Math Problem Solving
•Math Logic
•Critical thinking
•Pattern Recognition

Available in: English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Russian, Spanish
My rating: ***** 4 stars

Price: FREE


Available in the Apple App store



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