This week my blog is focused on the Halloween Kids Puzzle app review. October is here and a great way for kids to channel their excitement is to be engaged in activities that relate to Halloween. It is amazing that such a simple activity as putting together puzzles as now been enhanced to new levels by adding animated features. The Halloween Kids Puzzle app offers several free Halloween pictures that can be chosen for the puzzle.  Both sound and visual enhancement shows the child when they are right or wrong with their selection putting the puzzle pieces together.  When the puzzle is finished, the picture becomes animated and pumpkin confetti falls and can be popped when touched.

The premise of this app is simple; assembling puzzle pieces together to complete a picture.  The great advantage of having interactive puzzles for children is obviously the pieces can not be lost like they are so often are with traditional puzzles.  It is also a wonderful treat to see a still picture come to life and start moving upon completion of the puzzle. Although this app is designed for kids 5 and under, it is great fun for me as an adult because of the surprise of the interactivity.


* Rich, colorful graphics by children’s book illustrator Laura Tallardy.
* 12 different Halloween puzzles to choose from!
* Positive encouragement.
* Fun pumpkins to pop at the end of each puzzle that explode into candy corn!
* Increasing difficulty.
* Easy for kids to use and control.

Please note that this is the free version of the app. The free version includes four puzzles with the option to unlock the other 8 via in-app purchase.Category:  Games

Developer:  Scott Edelman

Available in the  Apple App Store for iPhone and iPad


My rating:  ***** 5 stars

I like the ease of operation of this app and the fact that it is free but you can add additional features if you wish.  A nice addition would be adding some music.


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