As the number of apps continue to grow for children, I wanted to write an Imagination Box app review to not only give my opinion about the app but also voice my opinion on another aspect, creativity for children. There are many storybook apps available and that is a good thing. Interactive literature is definitely a good choice for children, but creative apps offer them something more, the chance to creative with what is present and available. PBS reinforces this on their website by stating, “One of the most important types of creative activity for young children is creative play. Creative play is expressed when children use familiar materials in a new or unusual way, and when children engage in role-playing and imaginative play.”

Imagination Box is an interactive app for kids that lets them create any way they want to with the materials provided, clay shapes and markers.  There is also an option to add photos from your camera role.  It is not the same experience as playing with real clay but is a good substitute when none is around.  Clay is sometimes not convenient as an app to play with when on a long trip or sitting in a doctor’s office.  The important thing is that Imagination Box encourages a child’s imagination.  Even adults will find it irresistible to  create from the shapes and markers.


-This application is appropriate for kids of all ages.
– This app has a kid-friendly design, and is easy to use.
– This app includes 62 pieces of play dough, including shapes, numbers, and uppercase letters in 9 different colors, for a total of 558 pieces, giving your child endless creative learning possibilities
– 12 colorful backgrounds available in the application. You can also add your own background image from the iPad camera roll
– 10 colorful markers, which can be used to decorate your pictures
– The pictures created are stored and displayed right in the application
– You can also save your masterpiece as an image to your device

My rating: **** 4 stars
Category:  Education

Age level:  All ages

Language: English but children of any nationality could understand it.

Developer: Jump Apps, Sebastian Bachorzewski

Price: $2.99

Developer website:

Click here to visit the app store

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