I thought I would write a blog post about Mother’s Day projects for kids and then realized that it is just days away so the title shifted to Quick Mother’s Day Card Project For Kids.  Usually some projects are offered in the school classroom but my focus will be on easy to make with easy to obtain materials that can also be made at home.  Young children love to make things for their moms and crafts are always a good activity to help fill their free time. This card can also be used for other holidays such a s Father’s Day birthdays, etc. For this blog post we will be making a card using dried materials, construction paper, and potpourri.



small sticks or grass.

flower petals (optional)

construction paper or card stock 1 piece of mid tone, not too dark of a color

green construction paper or tissue paper for leaves if real leaves are not used




1. Gather the materials from the list above and watch the video provided below.

2. Choose a piece of midtone card stock or construction paper like pink, yellow, light blue etc and fold it in half.  The card can be made vertically or horizontally but you may have to show the child which way it should open.

3. Using markers have the child write their message on the inside flap. This is important because it will take the front of the card a while to dry. If desired a message can also be added to the outside cover.

4.  Using the chosen materials listed above have the child glue his design to the card.  Suggest a flower or something simple. They might have their own idea which is fine also. Tell them not to use too much glue and suggest they use just dots of glue.

5. Let the card dry completely

I hope you and your children enjoy Quick Mother’s Day Card Project For Kids. Please remember to sign up for our mailing list for more fun projects.



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