Anyone that has been around children know how they get bored very easily.  Roxie’s Doors is a kids’ interactive activity IPad App and offers an immediate remedy for bored children.  The app reminds me of children’s books that are written with the idea of  search and find.  The ones I have seen are usually large pictures that are very intense with objects and images and give a list of the suggested items to search for.  This app offers a fresh approach to this type of activity by giving a series of closed doors that you can open and then find the listed items. A variety of different doors and related objects challenge your curiosity to find out what is going to be behind the closed doors.  The interactivity on IPad is skillfully presented in the different ways that involve sound, movement and light.

The app is the creation of  author and illustrator, Roxie Munro,  from her award winning book, Doors. The book’s awards include:

CHILD magazine‘s Best Book of the Month
Horn Book Summer Reading Choice
Bank Street College Best Book of the Year Selection

Scholastic Parent & Child Best New Book

OCG Studios is the developer.  Some of the features of the app include hand drawn graphics, rhyming text, over 100 animated objects, options to read text or be read to .  The app is available in the App Store on IPad.

I give Roxie’s Doors 5 stars *****

Great app.

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