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Fall-Halloween Children’s Books


  The month of October is sliding by quickly and it is time to post a list of Fall-Halloween  Children’s Books in celebration of #Fall-Halloween Cyber Party 2016. Children love seasonal books. I realized this with my own children and also with the students I taught in elementary school. i hope to recognize authors and […]

Children’s Books On Diversity

RNA Jingle Dancer

In the past year or so there has been much discussion on the need for more children’s books on diversity.  Since retiring from teaching elementary school several years ago I was curious if the number of books in this area have increased so I did a quick check to see what is offered on […]

My October And November Illustrations fo...

My October And November Illustrations for Doodle Day

It is time to catch up with posting my October and November illustrations for Doodle Day.  Doodle Day for those of you that are not familiar with it, is a FaceBook group for children and adults that like to draw or doodle.  The experience level ranges from beginner to professional but the focus is to […]

Jasmine’s Got Talent Book Review

Jasmine’s Got Talent Book Review

    There is a new book available just in time for the holidays for children on Amazon called Jasmine’s Got Talent.  I found out about this from my friend of a several years, Jo Linsdell.  She is the illustrator for this book.  The book is written by author,  Maria Rochelle. The story is about […]

The History of The Picture Book

The History of The Picture Book

  November is picture book month which made me wonder what is the history of the picture book?  I was surprised to learn that the date of the first picture book goes back to 1658.  Orbis Pictus, a book by John Amos Comenius was the earliest illustrated book specifically for children.  The format was more […]