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Halloween Illustrations 2016


                            Each year I try to add to my collection of illustrations for Halloween and now it is time to update with my Halloween Illustrations 2016. Most of these were also created with a cyber event that occurs each year that is the […]

Halloween Sound Shelf App Review

Thw Witch and her brew, Jan C Watford, illustrator,

The other night I was searching through the Apple App Store looking for Halloween related apps and found Halloween Sound Shelf.  It caught my eye for several reasons.  It is a free app and has interesting graphics. Although I was looking for story apps for the Halloween Cyber Party,I thought this might offer many creative […]

Last Minute Halloween Memories

Trunk r treat

  Halloween is here.  Do you have your costumes and treats ready?  This year my church had Trunk R Treat and I participated in it for the first time.  Some people went to great lengths to decorate their trunks and to dress up in Halloween costumes.  I dressed up as a crazy artist and had […]