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Fall-Halloween Children’s Books


  The month of October is sliding by quickly and it is time to post a list of Fall-Halloween  Children’s Books in celebration of #Fall-Halloween Cyber Party 2016. Children love seasonal books. I realized this with my own children and also with the students I taught in elementary school. i hope to recognize authors and […]

Coursera Review, Learning Online


  This is a Coursera Review about Learning Online and taking courses in the privacy of your own home or as a portable option any where you might choose. The world-wide web has opened many doors for leaning and taking courses, Many students of all ages love the option of not only studying wherever you […]

Easy Valentines Day Kids Craft Project

Easy Valentines Day  Kids Craft Project

  When I was teaching art in public school, I quickly discovered how much my students loved creating seasonal art projects.  One of the most successful projects for Valentine’s Day was an easy Valentine Day kids craft project using only colored tissue paper, clear contact paper and a heart pattern. That is it. No glue […]