When I was teaching art in public school, I quickly discovered how much my students loved creating seasonal art projects.  One of the most successful projects for Valentine’s Day was an easy Valentine Day kids craft project using only colored tissue paper, clear contact paper and a heart pattern. That is it. No glue is needed. The colored tissue paper can be bought at Dollar Tree or at a drug store  craft store, etc. for $1.00 and goes a long way.


1. Using a heart pattern of any size but preferably at least 5-6 inches large, trace onto clear contact paper using a permanent marker.  Two identical pieces are needed for each heart in this easy Valentine Day hearts project.

2.  Take a sheet of colored tissue paper and fold it into a couple of layers and tear it into small pieces.  for the best appearance it is good to use several different colors of paper.  If this project is for very young children you can tear the tissue paper up ahead of time an place it in bowls.

3. Peel the backing off of one piece of the clear contact paper and place it on the table with the sticky side up.  Place individual pieces of the tissue paper on the sticky surface of the contact paper arranging it and overlapping the pieces slightly until the heart is covered.

4.  Carefully peel the paper backing off the other sheet of contact paper and place it sticky side down on top of the other tissue  paper covered heart.

5. Trim any excess of the tissue paper from around the edges of the heart.

The result is beautiful and gives a stained glass effect.  It is fun to try different color combinations.  Permanent markers can be used to write messages  or draw on the completed hearts.  A hole punch can be used to prepare the heart for hanging if desired.  Once I had a class that loved this project so much and each child made several of the hearts, one to take home and several to donate to the school to hang as decorations for a Valentine Dance. This easy Valentine Day kids craft project is a hit with any adults or children.  Give it a try and please leave me a comment in the form below.

Tissue Paper Heart


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