Kids Activities Reading and Art Challenge

A great way to engage bored kids is to give them a drawing prompts list.  If they have can come up with ideas on their own, that is great but sometimes they might say they can’t think of anything to draw.  I taught private art lessons for many years to children before teaching art in public school.  To encourage them to draw at home, I gave them a list of different drawing assignments and gave them a prize if they could draw a certain number. This is a good way to encourage kids activities to have fun with drawing and keep them busy. Often by giving them one of these prompt, it will give them a steeping stone for their imagination. Check off each item as it is completed and offer a reward for a limited amount, such as 20.  This seems to work best if they choose which one they want to do by random.

Kids Drawing Prompts List

  1. Draw or trace your hand in any position
  2. Draw a wild animal
  3. Draw a clock or a watch.
  4. Draw a forest and two animals with one in a tree.
  5. Draw a picture of what you will look like when you are 16.
  6. Draw a picture of what you will look like when you are 60.
  7. Draw yourself favorite Halloween costume.
  8. Draw a monster having a nightmare.
  9. Draw a picture of animal by combining the parts of two different ones.
  10. Draw a picture of a windy day with trees blowing in the wind.
  11. Draw your foot.
  12. Draw a picture of someone in your family then draw a funny hat on them.
  13. Imagine what it would look like if you lived on Mars and draw a picture of it.
  14. Draw a picture of your favorite toy.
  15. Draw a picture of something from nature.
  16. Draw your pet.
  17. Think about what your home would look like if you lived in Anartica.
  18. Draw a picture of you as an astronaut walking on the moon.
  19. Draw a character from your favorite book.
  20. Draw a picture of your favorite birthday party.
  21. Imagine yourself in a country far away.  Draw yourself and what you would like to do there.
  22. Draw the jungle and 3 animals that live there.
  23. Draw a picture of your home.
  24. Draw a picture of your best friend and you having fun.
  25. Draw an imaginary place that no one knows about but you.
  26. Draw a picture of a circus and what you like best.
  27. Imagine if bugs were as big as people.  What would it look like?
  28. Draw a picture of your hero or someone you think is great.
  29. Draw a picture of your favorite things to eat and make them into characters with eyes, mouth, nose, hands, and feet.
  30.  Imagine the world at peace with everyone loving each other and being kind.  Draw and color or paint it.

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