One of my favorite projects to teach to my students is very simple.  It is an easy kids painting with watercolor and line project activity that a parent or grandparent can do at home with children.

Supplies needed:

watercolor paints – can be inexpensive tray that come with brush.  Crayola or   Prang are the best brands.

paint brush – medium sized is best

plastic container to hold water

crayons or craypas

drawing or painting paper -copy paper is too thin, use thicker paper if possible



Use the entire sheet of paper and draw from one side and off the other side.

Draw a straight line with a dark color crayon or craypa from one side of the paper to the other.

Starting in another side of the paper, draw a curved line from one side of the paper  and off the opposite side.

Change to an opposite side of the paper, and draw a zig zag line to the opposite side of the paper.

For the last line, look to see where there is the most space left in your picture, then draw from one side of the paper to the opposite side using a loop line to fill up the space.

Decorate at least 5 of the spaces choosing one is each area of the picture and fill in with different lines or dots of different color crayons or craypas.

Now use the watercolors to paint in each area a different color.  The same color can be used twice but make sure that the same color areas are not next to each other and are across the page from each other.  This will help balance the color in the picture.

Finished project for Kids Line watercolor

Finished project for Kids Line watercolor

This project can be used also to create backgrounds for collage projects.  After the watercolor painting dries, pictures can be cut out from drawings or magazines and glued down to create a collage.

The Free Kids Art And Reading Online Challenge will continue through July 31. Five days a week there will be an activity and all those that participate can upload photos to my author illustrator page on FaceBook.  Participation can be random or on a regular basis, but prizes will be awarded for the top five participants with the most photos of their weekly projects uploaded to my FaceBook page The prizes will be $25.00 gift cards to Michael’s Arts and Craft Stores. Prizes will be announced on August 7 and mailed immediately.  I also will offer other reviews of books and apps for children through the summer here on my blog.  Be sure to bookmark this page for the links and sign up for my mailing list. If you have any questions please post them as a comment to this blog. Please share this blog and info and get ready to have some fun!


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