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Summer has arrived, but now the question is how to keep the kids busy and occupy their time. A great project to encourage kids to use their creativity is to use recyclables to make a sculpture, kids sculpture art with recyclables.. For this blog post I am going to explain an open-ended project where the child creates on their on without a  specific desired end product in mind.What I mean in other words is that the child can create what the want without any limitations.






Any  of these but the more you have the better

cardboard boxes- large and small from kitchen, cereal, spaghetti, oatmeal, rice etc small and large

egg cartons – cardboard ones work best because they are easier to paint but styrofoam can be used

plastic and/or cardboard lids

sheet cardboard- circular that come under frozen pizza or cut up delivery pizza boxes,etc.

old wrapping paper

old greeting cards

junk mail

drinking straws

string or twine


white craft glue

tempera paint, bush, bowl to hold water- if painting the finished product



1. Collect the boxes and recycled items ahead of time

2. Prepare a working area with a plastic drop cloth or newspapers and place all the supplies within reach for  the children.

3.  For young children, boxes may need to be cut apart to make it easier for them to assemble.  Especially egg cartons.

4. Encourage the child/children to start with a base, larger box etc and then glue them together.  If it won’t stand on its own suggest the use a piece of sheet cardboard

5.Using too much glue is a big problem and the constructed items will take too long to dry.  Use only small dots of glue.Some portions of the project might need to dry before adding others.

6.  If painting the project wait until totally dry with the glue

Kids love Kids Sculpture Art With recyclable and making sculptures. If at first they hesitate to come up with an idea, just instruct them to grab a box and start gluing another one to it. The ideas will start to flow.  This same idea can be used with larger shipping boxes, shoe boxes etc. Have fun and let me know what you create.  If you send a picture I will post them to this blog.


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