I have to admit that I am constantly amazed with the array of amazingly creative ideas for apps for children and apps in general. I found a wonderful app this morning, Kinderbach, which is a kids music app.  When my children were young and found an interest they wanted to try out, the big decision factor many times was for me as a single mother was money.  If a child wanted to learn piano, you obviously had to buy a piano or keyboard.  a large expense that could not be recovered if the child suddenly decided that it is really not for them after all.  Now we have through the technology horizon apps that offer learning in a very economical way.

Kinderbach is a kids music app that teaches through visual and interactive  stories. It offers video instruction and the ability to advance to additional levels of learning through video instruction and an in app interactive keyboard. There are also pdf tutorial to color as the child advances that can be printed out from the same screen as the lesson. There are also games and coloring activities that further enrich the musical concepts in learning.


★ Winner of GOLDEN APP AWARD by Apps for Homeschooling.com
★ 86/100 – AppoLearning
★ Top 10 Music Education App for Children – Smart Apps for Kids
★ “my kids love it!” 5/5 Score – Apps for Homeschooling.com


•Easy to understand for all ages
•Beautiful Artwork and high-quality music
•6 Mini-Games to be unlocked as you progress through the lessons, covering core concepts
•30 Lessons of 5 videos each

Price:  FREE

Developer:  Zephyer Games

My rating:  ***** 5 stars- a great value and fun learning experience

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