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As the app market continues to grow by bounds there are many whimsical, colorful and creative apps, but a field that has been badly overlooked is math and educational middle grade math apps. One of the subjects that children struggle with the most is fifth to 12th grade math.  The simple reason for this is once pre-algebra and algebra is introduced, if a the student falls behind for any reason, it can be very difficult to catch up. All the concepts are  stepping-stones to the learning process.  For a teacher, it is also very time-consuming to try to analyze and then followup with specialized lessons that target the child’s specific deficit area in their math learning. Often parents have to hire expensive tutors to help their child catch up the level where they need to be. A new educational middle grade math app, MATH 42, solves these problems and many more. Recently recognized by Apple as the most important new educational app after only one week in the app store; Math 42 has an innovative approach to learning  and is first place in this category with USA, UK, Canada, and Germany.  It also is among the best-selling educational apps in the USA and Germany.



• MATH 42 works without templates or preformed answers.
• The problem at hand is solved on-the-spot, like a real math tutor.
• MATH 42 is an algebraic system that works symbolically
• MATH 42 uses artificial intelligence (intelligent propositions and answers…)
• MATH 42 does not require an internet connection. It operates completely offline.

• Simple entry of problems including variables, parameters and numbers – as simple as a normal calculator without complicated commands.
• Intelligent propositions for answers – shows you how a problem can be solved using different paths organized by methods used.
• One touch suffices to get the answer step by step, like with a good math tutor, including the possibility to hide and show specific steps.
• The test mode with included problems, organized by methods used and difficulty as well as an indicator of progress. Unsolved problems are calculated and explained step by step.

• Detailed explanations for every step and term.
• Help adapted to context.
• Intelligent plotting function – Zeros, maximums, minimums, turning points, asymptotes and areas of definitions of functions are displayed.
• Innovative calculator – processes variables and numbers in an expression and displays its calculations step by step in a comprehensive simple way.
• Sharing function – Problems and step by step answers can be posted on Facebook or sent by eMail for a receiver to import onto his MATH 42 with just one click.
• Automatically saves all problems.

Price: $4.99

Formatted for IPhone and IPad

Available through Apple App store

My rating: ***** 5 stars


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