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Each year I try to add to my collection of illustrations for Halloween and now it is time to update with my Halloween Illustrations 2016. Most of these were also created with a cyber event that occurs each year that is the invention of Jake Parker, called “Inktober”. These illustrations are supposed to be in black and white and give the feel of illustrations created in ink.


Haunted House Halloween Illustrations 2016



All of these illustrations were created on my new Ipad Pro with my also new Apple Pencil. I am still learning how to adapt to the Apple Pencil after using a regular stylus for 5 years. Apple Pencil is amazing and makes drawing even more fun than I could imagine.  Some of these illustrations were created with the Procreate App and the others were created with the Sketchbook App. Both apps work very well with Apple Pencil on the Ipad Pro. Unfortunately I did not create as many Halloween illustrations as I have in the past. Life happens. I hadn’t been feeling well and took time to volunteer for the election. It was important and I don’t regret it.

Over the last couple of years I have noticed how the popularity of Halloween has grown. It used to be a holiday that was mostly celebrated by kids dressing up in costumes to go trick-r-treating. Now there are many adult Halloween parties and costumes as well.  Some people are also decorating their yards with statues, lights and Halloween inflatables. So much fun for everyone! During this same period of time, I have watched my on-line cyber friends advance and make so much progress with their artwork and illustrations. There has been an increase also the sources of social media on which we can share our artwork.The popularity of Instagam and Pinterest alone has greatly widened doors of visibility for artists and illustrators on the internet. In the past for this event I have posted other illustrators illustrations on this blog and website. This year I decided it might give more exposure  for the illustrators if I created a hashtag and so when searched it would show all the illustrators work on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram.

Check out the fun:


I hope you have had fun viewing these Halloween Illustrations 2016. They were so much fun for me to create and I have also enjoyed seeing all the creative efforts of the other children’s authors and illustrators on Pinterest.




















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