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Jan C Watford Illustrations for 2017


In review I would like to post my Jan C Watford illustrations for 2017. For the last couple of years I have taken part in a Facebook group,The 52 Week Illustration Challenge. It is a large group of illustrators that range in ability from beginners to professionals. There is a prompt that is assigned for each […]

My Illustrations Last Quarter of 2016


I don’t know where the time goes, but I need to post my illustrations for the last quarter of 2016. The last quarter of the year flew by for me. It seems like the older I get the faster time goes by. Most of these illustrations I did with a Facebook group, The 52 Week […]

Halloween Illustrations 2016


                            Each year I try to add to my collection of illustrations for Halloween and now it is time to update with my Halloween Illustrations 2016. Most of these were also created with a cyber event that occurs each year that is the […]

My New Illustrations, April- July 2016

doll Collector-my-new-illustrations

The year is slipping by and I realized that I have not posted my new illustrations, April – July 2016. I have continued to participate in the 52 Week Illustration Challenge, an international illustration group that has a weekly prompt. My illustrations for this group have included both digital and traditional illustration. Each illustration brings […]

New Illustrations First Quarter 2016


The year is rolling by and this is my update for my new Illustrations for the first quarter 2016. This year my illustrations seem less frequent. This is  because last year I was creating almost one a day when I was taking part in the Doodle Day challenges with a daily prompt on Facebook. For […]

The Big Week- Mardi Gras, Ash Wednesday,...

The Big Week- Mardi Gras, Ash Wednesday, Kidlit Week

Many weeks roll by without much fanfare, but this week February 15 through the 22, 2015 is  bursting with events and holidays.  Last weekend was Valentines Day and then we plunge into a week that hosts  Presidents Day, Fat Tuesday, Ash Wednesday and to those of us involved in children’s books and literature, it is […]

Kidlit 411 Birthday Bash and Giveaways

Kidlit 411 Birthday Bash and Giveaways

  January is a special month for writers and illustrators with all of the special events now through January 15 with the Kidlit Birthday Bash and giveaways.  Most children’s writers, authors, and illustrators are familiar with  Kidlit 411, a website and blog that gives resources,  and information that is very helpful and informative.  There is […]