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New Illustrations First Quarter 2016


The year is rolling by and this is my update for my new Illustrations for the first quarter 2016. This year my illustrations seem less frequent. This is  because last year I was creating almost one a day when I was taking part in the Doodle Day challenges with a daily prompt on Facebook. For […]

How To Restore Old Photos Cheap

How To Restore Old Photos Cheap

  Would you like to know how to restore your old photos cheap without paying a specialist? I realized the need for this after finding many of my mother’s old photos. Some of them were her mother’s and were taken before she was born. The approximate age of some of these photos is around 100 […]

My Illustration Adventures For 2016


My Illustration Adventures For 2016 have been planned. Since I retired from teaching art in inner city schools in 2011, I have been working on my art and learning about illustration and writing children’s books. Although I have a lot of education in fine art, I had no training in illustration and picture books for […]

Technology, The Good, The Bad, The Ugly


    Technology, The Good, The Bad, The Ugly, that is right; almost everyone has an opinion. The older generations did not grow up with it in the full aspect of what is thought of and recognized today. My parents and their generation were confused by it, but some still tried to grasp how to […]

Photomyne App Review

What is a Photomyne app review you might be thinking? I have always loved old photos and was told that it was a good idea to convert all old photos into digital files. The reason for this is that they fade, become brittle and lose a lot of their quality over the years. If they […]

What Can You Do For Small Business Satur...

Small Business Saturday

  What Can You Do For Small Business Saturday? It is Saturday November 28, 2015.  As I am writing this, it is today.  It is observed every year in conjunction with Black Friday and Cyber Monday to recognize small businesses throughout America. Everyone is well aware of what Black Friday is, with the huge discounts and […]

The Adult Coloring Rage

Daisies, Adult Coloring Page,

  The adult coloring rage is happening now.  Have you heard about it? As long as I can remember coloring books have been a popular activity for children. Almost every child I have ever known loves to color and a big treat is a new coloring book and crayons.  Everyone knows that, but how about […]