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Coursera Review, Learning Online


  This is a Coursera Review about Learning Online and taking courses in the privacy of your own home or as a portable option any where you might choose. The world-wide web has opened many doors for leaning and taking courses, Many students of all ages love the option of not only studying wherever you […]

Technology, The Good, The Bad, The Ugly


    Technology, The Good, The Bad, The Ugly, that is right; almost everyone has an opinion. The older generations did not grow up with it in the full aspect of what is thought of and recognized today. My parents and their generation were confused by it, but some still tried to grasp how to […]

Photomyne App Review

What is a Photomyne app review you might be thinking? I have always loved old photos and was told that it was a good idea to convert all old photos into digital files. The reason for this is that they fade, become brittle and lose a lot of their quality over the years. If they […]