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What Can You Do For Small Business Satur...

Small Business Saturday

  What Can You Do For Small Business Saturday? It is Saturday November 28, 2015.  As I am writing this, it is today.  It is observed every year in conjunction with Black Friday and Cyber Monday to recognize small businesses throughout America. Everyone is well aware of what Black Friday is, with the huge discounts and […]

The Adult Coloring Rage

Daisies, Adult Coloring Page,

  The adult coloring rage is happening now.  Have you heard about it? As long as I can remember coloring books have been a popular activity for children. Almost every child I have ever known loves to color and a big treat is a new coloring book and crayons.  Everyone knows that, but how about […]

Illustrators Sketchbook Event – Atlanta

Illustrators Sketchbook Event – Atlanta Botanical Gardens

                    Recently I attended the SCBWI – Southern Breeze Illustrators sketchbook event to Atlanta Botanical Gardens.  The sketchbook events are always fun and it is great to meet with other like-minded people like myself that like to draw and illustrate.  I was especially excited about this […]

Doodle Day’s First Anniversary

Doodle Day’s First Anniversary

These are some of my more current illustrations for the Doodle Day prompts.   Last week marked Doodle Day’s  first anniversary.  What is Doodle Day you might be thinking ?  It is a group page on FaceBook for doodlers, people who like to draw.  Some are  illustrators, writers,  teachers, and children of all ages. The […]

Easy Valentines Day Kids Craft Project

Easy Valentines Day  Kids Craft Project

  When I was teaching art in public school, I quickly discovered how much my students loved creating seasonal art projects.  One of the most successful projects for Valentine’s Day was an easy Valentine Day kids craft project using only colored tissue paper, clear contact paper and a heart pattern. That is it. No glue […]